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Questions to Ask the Doctor

Questions to Ask the Doctor

When discussing chronic acid reflux with your doctor, don’t be afraid to ask questions or request clarification if you don’t understand what you are hearing. Going to your appointment prepared with a list of questions and taking notes can help you remember what you wanted to know. Below is a list of questions you may want to discuss with your doctors

Questions about acid reflux / GERD

Do I have GERD (acid reflux)?
Why do you think I have GERD?
Is my case mild, moderate or severe?
What conditions other than GERD could be causing my problems?
Which tests are you recommending to diagnose GERD and why?
Did I show any signs of esophagitis or Barrett’s esophagus?
What causes GERD?
What kinds of problems can GERD lead to?
Everyone’s anatomy is different. What are the chances my chronic GERD might progress to a precancerous condition?
Should I be examined for esophageal cancer?
Will I need such exams in the future?
What can you tell me about the treatment options for GERD?
What treatments do you recommend for me and why?
What are the risks and benefits of my treatment options?
Can GERD be cured?
How long can I expect my GERD to last?
What can I expect the progression of my GERD to be over time?
What complications of GERD may develop?
What symptoms or signs should I look out for and report to you?
Questions about lifestyle changes

What lifestyle changes do you recommend for me?
What changes in my diet can help my symptoms?
What foods or substances can make my symptoms worse?
Will losing weight help my GERD?
Questions about medical therapy

What is the difference between over the counter and prescription medications?
Do I need prescription medicine?
What is the best time of day to take my medication?
Can I take my medicine as needed or do I have to take it every day?
How long should I take the medication for?
What side effects or risks can I expect?
Are there any medications I am currently taking that can interact with the medications you’re prescribing for GERD?
What do you know about the adverse effects of long-term use of PPIs?
Is it true that PPIs and other pharmaceutical treatments can lose their effectiveness over time?
Questions about antireflux surgery

Is surgery appropriate for me?
Is surgery a better choice than taking medication for years?
How are the surgeries done?
What are the risks?
How well do the surgeries work?
What has been your success rate with antireflux surgery?
What is the difference between a total fundoplication and a partial fundoplication?
Will I ever need to have surgery again for reflux?
Are you aware of the new incisionless GERD surgery called TIF?

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